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Black Mould Spores

Eradication of Mould and Airborne Spores 

Mould and dampness is not something people generally enjoy living with and in some cases, constant dampness inside a house can lead to serious illness and breathing diseases.    

We will kill all the visible mould spores and treat around the affected areas with our specially formulated solution which helps to prevent further regrowth of the Mould spores killing 99.9% of bacteria and mould leaving your surfaces clean and free from mould.   


Mould can lie dormant indefinitely, dormant spores stay inactive if they don't sense the right combination of moisture, temperature, air and humidity.

When something changes, the dormant mould spores start actively growing again. Mould spores that are inactive or dormant are equally harmful to people. 

During the summer months, the problem is usually not such an issue as windows are open more frequently and clothing is dried outside reducing the amount of moisture within the property. In addition, the outside temperature is closer to the inside temperature reducing the amount of condensation.

This is why it is recommended to remove the mould spores during the warmer weather, not giving mould time to multiply and spread further.


How does it affect your health?

Moulds produce allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), 

Irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks.

Mould spores that require vacuuming we use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in all our vacuum units with HEPA filter sealed disposable bags, capturing 99.97% of mould particles.  

Excess moisture caused by condensation.

Condensation forms when the air indoors can't hold any more moisture. Cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors and breathing without adequate ventilation can all cause excess moisture. Droplets can form on indoor surfaces such as windows, walls and ceilings, it can also form on carpets, fabric, furniture and clothing turning into Mould. 

You can help prevent the build-up of condensation by:

Putting lids on saucepans, drying washing outside or using a tumble dryer. Not putting clothes on radiators or hanging washing on clothes horses. Opening the bedroom window for 15 minutes each morning or night making sure your home is well insulated. Heating your home a little more ventilating rooms regularly and leaving doors open to allow air to circulate, unless you're cooking or showering,

If you're cooking, showering or bathing, opening the window, putting the extractor fan on and closing the door of the room you're in.. 

Mouldy Silicone Sealants

Mould growing in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and utility rooms is a very common occurrence, often because showering and washing produces air particles which will then suspend in the air, when it comes into contact with cold ceiling or walls it reaches dew point and turns back into water, this water settles on walls, ceilings, grout and sealant around your bath or shower, that’s when the mould spores appears and starts to grow. Sealant that begins to leak can cause damage to worktops, walls, bath panels and property below.

The only way to remove mould or leaks from silicone sealant is cut out all the sealant and replace with new mould resistant colour match silicone sealant. Contact us for prices to replace new sealant around baths, shower trays and kitchens. Once the treatment has been done we will provide you with help and advice on how to keep the area well ventilated in order to prevent the build-up of mould in the future.

If required we can offer a free property mould report after the job has been completed. This is not a surveyors report, the report is to determine the likely cause of the mould growth, due to a Leak, damp or condensation, included in the report will be temperature, dewpoint and relative humidity level readings using Pro Digital Thermo-Hygrometer. Measuring the airborne moisture and dampness in the property so that we can identify the mould problem and help to solve any condensation and further mould problems. We also offer advice on temperature, ventilation and relative humidity to stop any mould growth in the future. 

Once all black mould spores are killed and affected areas are treated, generally there will be no need to redecorate walls or ceilings after.

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